Building Modular Java Applications in the Cloud Age

Bert Ertman


Being able to deal with change and dynamics are important reasons for companies to resort to the cloud for application development. Short time to market and rapidly changing requirements can however lead to experimental software design. Dealing with constant change in a codebase is non-trivial. In order to facilitate change a modular codebase is of great importance. Modularity forces separation of concerns which enables you to replace parts of a system without breaking others. Using Java, OSGi, and a wealth of open source enterprise components, you will be shown how to combine these into coherent applications without locking into one of the existing PaaS providers. We will start with all you need to know about setting up your development environment and build towards a versatile cloud application using techniques like REST and NoSQL. And of course there will be lots of live coding! Finally, we will focus on deployment, introducing Apache ACE, a software distribution framework that allows to centrally manage and distribute software components, configuration data, and other artifacts to target systems in the cloud or on premise.

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Bert Ertman is a Fellow at Luminis in the Netherlands. Besides his day job he is a Java User Group leader for NLJUG, a frequent speaker on Java and Software Architecture related topics as well as a book author and member of the editorial advisory board for Dutch software development magazine: Java Magazine.

In 2008, Bert was honored by being awarded the coveted title of Java Champion by an international panel of Java leaders and luminaries. Bert is a JavaOne 2012 Rock Star Speaker and a 2013 Duke’s Choice Award winner.

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