Double Feature "ToTP or Not ToTP" + "Lombok"

Reinier Zwitserloot + Roel Spilker

Both talks are planned for ca. 40 minutes each and we will have a 5 minute break to rearrange the stage.

ToTP or Not ToTP, That Is The Question!

Two-factor authentication is more accessible than ever because a smartphone can be found in many a pocket or handbag. Time based one-time passwords (TOTP) give your users the ability to log into your web application not just based on something they know (their password), but with another factor: Something they have. In the case of TOTP, generally a smart phone. Amazon AWS, Google, World of Warcraft, and many others already use this standard to improve authentication security. It’s really easy to add TOTP to your web application, but, like any security measure, it’s easy to mess up your implementation. We search the web for a few off the shelf libraries, and delve into the various security problems that these libraries exhibit. Then, when we’ve listed out all the various security and API concerns, we demo a complete TOTP Web solution in Java, ready to be deployed in your Web application.

Lombok: The Boilerplate Buster. It’s a Kind of Magic!

Lombok is great for getting rid of boilerplate. It plugs directly into your build tools, compilers and IDEs.


  • 1 lombok
  • Your favourite IDE (Eclipse, Netbeans, IntelliJ IDEA, or Android Studio)
  • a handful of annotations

Gently mix with your java code, and poof! Your getters, builders, equals implementations, logger variables, and much more magically appear in your outline view and class files, and yet there is no code. No code at all!

With a flourish, the authors of Project Lombok will present the basics, then move on to the exciting new features, such as builders that automatically generate immutable collections, and modifying lombok to fit your personal preferences via the configuration system.

This presentation has something to offer for all java developers, especially those who are looking at other languages.


Reinier Zwitserloot (@surial) has been interested in programming language evolution ever since he started working with Java professionally 15 years ago. As a result, together with Roel Spilker he is the inventor of Project Lombok, a compiler/IDE plugin to bring the java programming language into the next decennium.

Roel Spilker is a technology evangelist at TOPdesk. He’s been a professional java programmer and teacher since 1999. Roel has been a fan of compile-time checking. Together with Reinier Zwitserloot he is the inventor of Project Lombok, a compiler/IDE plugin to bring the java programming language into the next decennium.

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