An Evening of OSGi - from the OSGi Alliance Expert Groups

BJ Hargrave & Raymond Augé & David Bosschaert & Seven Ganlu & Tim Ward & Peter Kriens


The OSGi Alliance is holding its next Face to Face technical meeting in Darmstadt in late June and we are pleased to have arranged an Evening of OSGi with the Darmstadt Java User Group, IoT Hessen and Deutsche Telekom / Qivicon’s support. We hope you can join us.

The evening will assume no prior knowledge of OSGi, however if you already have some experience or are hardened OSGi developer then you are also very welcome and it will be a great opportunity to meet with some of the people involved in creating the specifications and reference implementations, and you will be able to dig a lot deeper in to the technology one-on-one with them.

We have a packed agenda to give you an insight and overview into OSGi and some of its activities both in IoT and Enterprise, along with an introduction to OSGi enRoute, which is relatively new initiative from the OSGi Alliance to provide a quick start to OSGi for developers who have never used it before.

Attending and presenting will be:

  • BJ Hargrave (OSGi Alliance CTO and Core Platform Expert Group Chair)
  • David Bosschaert & Raymond Augé (OSGi Enterprise Expert Group Co-Chairs)
  • Seven Ganlu & Tim Ward (OSGi IoT Expert Group Co-Chairs)
  • Peter Kriens (OSGi Alliance Evangelist)


  • 18:30 - 18:45: Welcome by Darmstadt JUG organisers (Don’t miss the raffle - make sure to register!).
  • 18:45 - 19:10: Introduction to OSGi. Including who the OSGi Alliance is, what we offer and a high level technical overview of OSGi technology. How you can consume the specifications and get involved with requesting new capabilities and specification (BJ Hargrave).
  • 19:10 - 19:30: Introduction to the Enterprise Expert Group. A brief history of what it offers and an insight in to upcoming activities and specifications (Raymond Auge & David Bosschaert).
  • 19:30 - 19:50: Introduction to the IoT Expert Group. Background and objectives. Whats available and areas of activity and interest (Tim Ward & Seven Ganlu).
  • 19:50 - 20:30: OSGi enRoute - Quick start for developers (http://enroute.osgi.org). OSGi enRoute is an open source project sponsored by OSGi to significantly simplify the development of OSGi Applications and help developers get started with OSGi quickly. It is based on the OSGi R6 specifications and Java 8 but adds important missing pieces to build actual applications for a wide range of areas, including web apps and IoT. Additionally, it comes out of the box with a Maven, Gradle, bndtools, source version control, and CI based tool chain (Peter Kriens).


BJ Hargrave

BJ Hargrave is a Senior Technical Staff Member in the IBM Cloud organization. He led the development of OSGi technology since its inception and is currently CTO of the OSGi Alliance and chair of the OSGi Core Platform Expert Group. He is also a committer on the Eclipse Equinox project and the Bndtools project.

Raymond Augé

Sr. Software Architect at Liferay, Inc. Raymond drives platform modularity and improvements designed to improve the quality of the development experience. He’s a CS graduate of Laurentian University and is a co-chair of the OSGi Enterprise Expert Group.

David Bosschaert

David Bosschaert works for Adobe Research and Development. He spends the much of his time on technology relating to OSGi in Apache and other open source projects. He is also co-chair of the OSGi Enterprise Expert Group and an active participant in the OSGi Cloud efforts.

Before joining Adobe, David worked for Red Hat/JBoss and IONA Technologies in Dublin, Ireland.

Seven Ganlu

Senior engineer of Huawei Cloud Core Network Product Line advance research team, having 8 years of R&D experience of software development, system engineering, architecture of core network platform. More recently Seven has been made responsible for IoT open source technology research within Huawei, and is participating in the architecture design of IoT product. He is also co-chair of the OSGi IoT Expert Group.

Tim Ward

Tim Ward is CTO at Paremus Ltd, a co-author of Enterprise OSGi in Action, and has been actively working with OSGi for over eight years. Tim has been a regular participant in the OSGi Core Platform and Enterprise Expert Groups, and is co-chair of the OSGi IoT Expert Group. Tim has led development of several specifications within OSGi. Tim is also an active Open Source committer regularly contributing to Bndtools and is also a PMC member in the Apache Aries project.

Peter Kriens

Peter Kriens is an independent consultant since 1990.He currently works for the OSGi Alliance and jpm4j. During the eighties he developed advanced distributed systems for newspapers based on microcomputers based on, at the time very novel, object oriented technologies. For this experience in Objects he was hired by a number of international companies, including Adobe, Intel, Ericsson, IBM, and many others. During his work at Ericsson Research in 1998 he got involved with the OSGi specification; later he became the primary editor for these specifications. In 2005 he was awarded the OSGi Fellows title. After taking a sabbatical in 2012 to develop jpm4j he returned to the OSGi Alliance to help increasing adoption. He is Dutch but decided to live in France.


After the talks we will move over to the Darmstadt Braustübl or the 4cani restaurant (depending on the weather) for some food and drinks. Please tell us via the registration form if you will join us.

Parking (sorry, in German)

Externe Gäste können die Besucherparkplätze bei Group Innovation nutzen. In der T-Online-Allee 1 ist am Ende der Strasse (Richtung Süden) rechts die Einfahrt zu der Tiefgarage zu nutzen (bei Einfahrt rechts halten). Dort kann man sich als Besucher für das Event anmelden, und die ausgeschilderten Besucherparkplätze nutzen (in der Tiefgarage den Magenta-Pfeilen folgen). Dort klingeln, ihr/Sie werden dann ins Forum geleitet.


Eine Veranstaltung des iJUG e.V., organisiert durch die JUG Darmstadt.