Time is an Illusion / How to handle 💩

Andreas Heigl


Wir haben an diesem Abend 2 Talks eines Speakers zu 2 Themen. Beide Talks werden auf deutsch gehalten!

Time is an Illusion (Lunchtime doubly so)

Have you ever read a “Good morning” in an international IRC-Channel shortly before you leave the office for lunch? In international business time is an illusion as everywhere is a different time. In this talk we’ll dive into he depths of Timezones and how to handle them. We’ll see why timezones are important and why and how they started to exist. And of course we’ll examine how to handle those little buggers efficiently in code and database.

How to handle 💩

You’ve got strange characters like “�” or “ö” display in your application? Yes, handling non-English characters in application code, files and databases can be a challenge, to say the least. Whether that’s German Umlauts, Cyrillic letters, Asian Glyphs or Emojis: It’s always a mess in an international application. In this session you will see why that is and how handling characters evolved in computing. You will also see how handling characters in applications and databases can be done less painfully. And don’t worry when EBCDIC, BOM or ISO-8859-7 are Greek to you and your Unicode is a bit rusty: we’ll have a look at them too!


Andreas Heigl (@heiglandreas) helps solving problems at a german corporate publishing company. He sometimes even uses code for that. Besides his family, his work as jack-of-all-trades and contributions to different open-source-projects he still finds the time to co-organize PHPUGFFM, the PHP-Usergroup in Frankfurt/Main and maintain PHP.ug and Zend\Ldap.

Ein PHP-Speaker bei einer Java User Group?
Ja, warum nicht? Andreas’ beide Talk-Themen haben erst mal wenig mit der verwendeten Programmiersprache zu tun und vermitteln wertvolle Informationen, über die wir alle in (fast) jedem unserer eigenen Projekte immer wieder stolpern!


Die Firma nterra stellt uns die Räumlichkeiten zur Verfügung und sorgt für unser leibliches Wohl. Vielen Dank dafür. Der übliche Abstecher in den Hotzenplotz nach dem Vortrag entfällt somit - wir bleiben einfach vor Ort!

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